Tired of playing defense…

It seems all too common that the evolution of social media has caused everyone to have an opinion about everything. I can find myself consumed with Facebook debates around almost any issue, but are these transactions of thoughts really amounting to anything? Has social media and an online personality caused us to shut down all other oppositions to our beliefs?

If I look back on the last week I got into debates about

Politics (specifically Measure 5 in North Dakota, where I don’t even reside)
Gluten Intolerance (because I’ll always argue about food fads)
Sexism (Brunette vs. Blonde, this guy had it coming)
GMOs (The article I was disputing was erroneous)
Renee Zellweger (seriously though, that can’t be my precious Bridget Jones)

I know I am an aggressive personality and when you mix that with a low tolerance of idiocy and false claims, I’m not going to sit idle or else I wouldn’t sleep at night.


Just like any hobby/habbit, you have to have moderation. I am quick to get into online debates and in person, I never let someone have the last word. But with November just around the corner. I’m going to make an active change to my behavior.

I’ve seen a few people posting pictures of flowers on Facebook to help negate all the negativity surround the online platform, and although I scoffed at it, I think there is something good to be learned!

So, I am going to be more liberal with my likes and ❤ and spread the love this Thanksgiving season.

Because, I am thankful to be a young woman in a country where I have an opinion, and my opinion matters!

A GMO boyfriend.

I have to dedicate this post to a quote I saw on The Modern Day Farm Chick’s blog about GMOs, “It is that simple, take the good from one organism and insert it into another and create an organism of greater quality. It is too bad we cannot do this with men.”

Everyone and there grandma seems to have an opinion about GMOs. The joys of free speech and fear based advertising has made farming a lot harder that it used to be. Growing up all we had to do was plant our crops, feed our cows, work hard and everyone seemed to be happy about the little gold mine that is American agriculture. But that is no more. Farmers and ranchers spend so much of their free time (not being compensated by ‘big ag’ like some activists like to claim) standing up for their practices and speaking out for agriculture. It’s annoying. We don’t get paid, we get beat up by trolling crazy people and its exhausting. HOWEVER, the topic at hand is not about advocating agriculture, its about GMOs and why they could be the answer to every picky single girl out there.

Humans share about 50% of their DNAs with bananas. DNA is not a scary thing. Scientists are able to lay out all genetic traits of a certain organism and define what each specific trait relates to. Similar to that of natural selection on hyper speed, they find traits among other varieties that are better suited and insert them into the DNA to another.

I’m dumbing this down because science is science, and although I work in agriculture, I’m also a single girl.  All the reading I’ve done on GMOs peer reviewed and petition based, the only thing in my mind is: WHY CAN’T WE DO THIS WITH MEN?!

So, if I had a chunk of Monsanto’s R&D fund at my disposal, you best believe I’d be further looking into this. Heres my list of ‘traits’ I’d like to focus on.


1. First and foremost, patience. Men lack it when it comes to most everything. From waiting on a girl to get pretty to maneuvering through a woman’s menstrual cycle, patience is key.

2. It might take awhile to find a working trait for this one in a current variety of male: motivation. Now motivation connected to a career isn’t hard to find, but finding someone who is motivated towards personal relationships beyond Saturday night has become a myth in my generation (thanks Tinder).

3. Confidence. Men seem to struggle in the balance of pure douche bag confidence and low self esteem. A man who can be comfortable in his own skin to laugh at his short comings but confident enough to say, “this is me, if you don’t like it, thats your problem.”

4. It seems like guys are either always sober, whiskey drunk, black out, or mean mode. Is there some sort of trait that gets men to not act like frat guys at the bar and just pretend they have a reputation to uphold?

5. Probably most important, Hygiene. A guy who is clean cut, focuses on keeping up with routine bathing and MAYBE just MAYBE could remember the last time he washed his sheets?

6. I’m gonna go Disney on the next one: Unconditional Love. Seriously like 2 out of every 3 marriages end in divorce, if we could put a little more Disney and a little less Jerry Springer, I feel like women would be less afraid of becoming a statistic.


If anyone wants to donate to this scientific cause…JUST KIDDING! There’s no way I could work in a lab with six probably great guys like this. I’d probably fall in love with all of them. Also if you let the hygiene one be more flexible I have described every woman’s dream, Noah Calhoun from The Notebook.

Thanks alot, Nicholas Sparks.






I think I’m at that angry point now. So much anger. It wells up in my tears and makes my stomach lurch. You gave up. On me. How am I suppose to maintain self worth and confidence when I couldn’t even keep something this real alive? Its a delicate balance of blaming myself and then blaming you? You’re the one that gave up on this beautiful thing we had, what because you’re scared because you couldn’t see it working out with the distance for a few years? Newsflash, none of us are fortune tellers and we will never know what the future holds.

I really want to hate you, you have broken down my spirit and I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. I didn’t expect this, I believed we would make it work and be able to find our way together. I saw sacrifices to be made, sad times, but I also saw good times and time to focus on our own lives but every night ended with saying goodnight and showing our affection to one another…

I could say your a coward, the fear of the unknown was unbearable for you and I couldn’t fill the gap 450 miles had put between us. Damn you. I gave you everything I had and I was certainly ready to try to give more.

You managed to steal my heart and then stomp on it. I’ll never understand why you did this and I don’t know if I can ever forgive you.



I want to tell you that my heart broke today. Sitting outside on a random stump, it broke. I could say it was your fault, I could easily say it was my fault. But no matter who I blame, my heart is broken. I should’ve known better. Knowing that my life was going to relocate so far from your world, I shouldn’t have never agreed to go on a date when my fate was already sealed to go back to Minnesota, the life I had always known. You persisted and I gave in. At first I had you wrapped around my finger. If I said I wanted to watch The Big Lebowski, you spend hours finding it online so we could watch it. While I was busy twirling you around that finger I didn’t realize you were busy stealing my heart away. The ache in my chest only proves it now. Its the typical break up loss of appetite and the uncontrollable sobs but its the clarity of the situation. My life is going to go on here and your life will certainly go on there. Our paths aren’t set to cross. It’s over. You did the breaking but I know it was hard for you. I think maybe you cried. Maybe you’ve cried alot. Crying is such an awful thing to do in this situation. No one has tragically died and I’m still a healthy 23 year old girl with alot of life left to live. But this is so tragic. The mere fact that IF I wasn’t in Minnesota, I would certainly be in your arms enjoying a Tuesday night. You found me, you caught me, and then you lost me. Right now I feel like there won’t be another you; two months is too short of time to really figure out if someone is right for you. I thought you were that one. I’ve never been one to fall in love fast. I always thought it took years to figure it out, but this was different. The urgency I felt to be around you made me think that life could be different. But its over. We are done. And yet again, I’m alone.

What is Healthy?

When you think about the word healthy? Do you picture a Victoria’s Secret model or is it maybe that fitspiration account on Instagram of women training for body building competitions? When we immerse ourselves into such portrayals of a relatively simplistic word; are we setting ourselves up for disappointment? The unfortunate answer is yes.

Our society has morphed terms like healthy, organic, natural, sustainable, green into socioeconomic ideals that all lead to one thing: debate.

We can debate all day about what sustainability is, how natural is more than an adjective, organic labeling makes food taste better and being healthy is a list of things everyone needs check off a homogenous list.

Today I want to focus on the word HEALTHY.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right, but in my mind we all can be healthy in our own way, it only takes three things to create a healthy lifestyle. I have been pondering this for quite some time as I have struggled to maintain lifestyle changes during and post college. I get wrapped up into a fad that ends up falling apart. It’s only taken me about two years to realize, its not me (it is but just keep reading), it is the unattainable goals I set forth on that aren’t necessarily attainable. I could blame Pinterest boards, friend and family temptations, Obamacare, or the universe, but it all comes down to me.

These three pillars of health are what I’m striving for. I’m hoping to create programs and guidelines for myself based off of 1) Strength, 2) Nutrition and 3) Balance in order to achieve the simple goal of being a healthy person.


1. Strength

No, I’m not trying to be inspirational with this first one. If we can not carry our bodies comfortably, we are not healthy. For me, working to improve my cardiovascular strength is imperative as I want to live a long life and if I was ever chased by a bear, I’d like to have a chance of survival. I also have a job that takes physical strength to accomplish day-t0-day tasks. Simple weight training will tone and allow me to retain more energy in the long days of summer! I’m not running marathons, or trying to get a six pack, I just want to keep my strength high and heart healthy. Oh, and I have a pair of high waisted jean shorts I want to wear proudly this summer. By getting off the couch in the evening and going for a walk  and joining a gym, its all a part of the path of getting healthy.

2. Nutrition

This one sucks and is probably the worst of all BECAUSE our culture has created the weirdest guidelines in how to be healthy with what we put into our bodies. I’m going to break it down for you. If what you eat doesn’t make you happy, your body probably isn’t going to that happy either. Now I am not insinuating that we all eat french toast, french fries and ice cream everyday because that makes us happy, I’m saying that when you choose to go on a diet or whatever, you really need to think about what restrictions you are giving yourself. I tried to give up fried food for Lent, FAIL. For about a month, I was so unhappy when my friends and I would go out to eat. I didn’t make it four weeks and I cheated. Now, because I have a legitimate love affair with french fries, I treat myself to them about once every few weeks. Don’t focus on restrictions, focus on guidelines! I try to eat a healthy lunch so when I eat a light supper, I can have a little treat after (usually beer). This is not a weightloss recommendation, this is what I believe healthy nutrition is. Focus on making food choices that don’t make you hate your life (I mean do people actually enjoy kale?!). If you don’t like kale, don’t eat it. If you LOVE asparagus, eat it three times a week.

3. Balance

On nutrition, I touched on eating things that make you happy. GUESS WHAT? If you like Cameron Diaz on the outside and eat clean like Gwyneth Paltrow but on the inside, you’re not happy with yourself, your are not living a healthy. What you eat and what you do should make you happy. Find meals and exercises that make you feel good. For me, its the time I spend outside instead of going to the gym or the sense of pride I got when I started putting fruit in my lettuce and found I LOVED fruit and salad. We all live busy lives that seem to always hang in the balance of sanity. Create a better life by putting focus on your own happiness. Don’t focus on getting a body like the newest Instagram fitspo, put all our heart into becoming a better you. It’s a balancing act, but it isn’t rocket science.


Think of life like a car ride. We don’t want to drive on autopilot because how boring would that be?! We definitely don’t want to carpool because that’s not your life to live. And we definitely don’t want to go in reverse, my dad always taught me R is for wreck. Throw that baby in gear and go at what ever speed you are comfortable with. Enjoy the ride. Look out the windows not the mirrors. You’ll only see this road through once.


*DISCLAIMER* I am not a licensed or practicing dietician, I had grilled cheese for supper last night. I am also not a fitness trainer, but I had a dream I ran a marathon once. I’m not a therapist, I’ve watched Frozen like 8 times. What I am is a pretty content 23 year old with a pretty positive outlook on life.